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machines for pastry sector wrapping units cutting units heat printing machines powered main doors vertical bag filling machines
the companyOur Company was established in 1984 for the production of HEAT PRINTING UNITS useful for cards,invitation , note for bonbonnières, cards and similar ones.
It enlarges in a second time, according to the market requirements,by including some machines interesting the confectionery area; the production range spreads out to UNITS FOR WRAPPING of Easter eggs and Milanese cakes in various sizes.
Moreover, like a further opportunity to the pastry working sector, we started the production of BENCH TEMPER UNITS for melting small chocolate quantities, then a LAMP to make mouldable the sugar in sheets and to keep it at a right temperature to be worked.
We have planned some equipments suited to the print of any kind of image directly on all the level and semi-flat surfaces up to a thickness of 10 cm, by using edile and not-edible colours. These printing units are simple to be used, with a bit of "graphic computer system"; of course without changes it is possible to operate with these models also in other market sectors, where they will be able to show their features of cheapness and functional capacity, by using the printing possibility with high thickness. The production includes also some machines for the packaging like vertical BAG FILLING units for various solid materials, by using polyethylene film, equipped with charging hopper, automatic weighing equipment and heat stamper.
We produce also BANK CHAIN CUTTING MACHINES and BALANCING MAIN DOORS, made to measures. Of course each unit is covered by patent. The planning of the units is made inside of the Company by the technical staff, following the practical carry out, too. It is possible also the planning of prototypes and the relative output, in fact in the factory there is the carpentry working by request of a large number of customers, so to meet the varied requirements of a market always developing.

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