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dekoris azzurra Model DEKORIS AZZURRA:
Futuristic design, mechanical, electronic technology, in the van, ensures superior quality and doubles the standard printing size. All these features, plus the fact it can be easily moved, make the Dekoris BLUE the top of the Dekoris range. It can be connected to any PC by a parallel cable. Overall dimensions: 220x79x150 cm. Net weight: 240 Kg. Printing technology: food colouring jet printer which works with modified cartridges in four-colour process (black, red, blue, yellow and white in absence of colour). Maximum printing size: about 40 x 60 cm. Maximum resolution: 720 x 360 DPI. Printing speed: from 10 to 16 minutes for the biggest size.
dekoris small Model DEKORIS SMALL:
As the name suggests, the DEKORIS SMALL is for limited work-areas. Its compact design peforms the same functions, with the same efficiency, as the big model. It can be connected to any PC by a parallel cable. Overall dimensions: 68 x62 x 62 cm. Net weight: 80 Kg.
Printing technology: food colouring jet printer, which works with modified cartridges in trichromatism (red, blue, yellow,white in absence of color, black from the mixture of three base colours). Maximum printing size: about 21 x 29 cm approx.
Maximum resolution: 300 DPI. Printing speed: from 4 to 7 minutes for the biggest size.
lamp for sugar Lamp for sugar Model ZU1:
It is a lamp to make mouldable the sugar in sheets (before prepared) and to keep it at a right temperature to be drawn and puffed.
Maximum possibility to adjust the heat by a double switch plus a power control, to keep soft the sugar and to work it without crystallizations.
The lamp can be also supplied with a support on wheels including a compressor for the sugar blowing.
temper Temper Model FOXTEMP2:
A temper-unit for small quantities, ideal for pastry  laboratories. The chocolate melting happens by UV beams casted on the bowl holding the product; the temper process is made by recycle of cold air.
Easy to be used and cleaned, it consists of a fixed chassis with an interchangeable bowl, a revolving group wth a chute for collecting the chocolate and a spatule for the product mixing; each piece is rapid to be disassembled, since fixed by knobs.
This machine can be supplied also with a support moving on wheels.

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