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cutting machineThis machine is manufactured with a strong frame and has a motor body, a roller stand for the placing of the log to be cut and is supported by a pedestal with wheels.
The roll group can be extended by the lateral left side and is light sloping towards inside, so to guarantee the stability of the log.
On the top of the motor body there are: the push button panel, the oil tank for lubricating the chain and the motor body, the two devices for the cutting process, the locking lever and the chain saw.
On the front side of the motor body there are four rows of guards suitable to obstacle the rotation of the log during the cutting.
On the left side there is the outlet for the connection to the supply mains, while on the right side there is an opening to enter into the chain saw for the operations of maintenance and adjustement.
The motor and the transmission elements of the motion and also the relative electric connections are placed inside the motor body, this entry is possible by a removable panel placed on the back side.
On the rear part, low on the left, you can find also the discharging hole of the wooden shavings.
The working of the unit is very easy: after placing the log to be cut on the roller stand, it is necessary to lock it by a suitable locking lever; by pressing against the guards in order to avoid the anti-rotation, then you can cut by the chain saw.
Technical details of the bank chain cutting machine
Max. sizes Height 1400 mm Width 800 mm Depth 800 mm
Height of the working plane 840 mm
Weight 110 kg
Useful cut (max. diameter) 350 mm
Sizes of the roll group 800 mm (extensible to 1300)
Engine power 2 HP
Motor speed 2800 revolution/motor
Voltage and mains frequency 220 (380 on demand) V - 50 Hz
Operative temperature 5° C + 45° C

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